Against The Grain Factory Store

We had so much fun visiting Against the Grain, producer of amazing GF pizza crusts, pizza, rolls, and more, based in Brattleboro, VT. Tucked into the back in a business park, they operate a delightful store right out of their factory, complete with viewing windows into the work area. On any given day you can watch pita breads rolling down the line and product being packaged. Pizza “seconds” are available for purchase from the freezer, as well as rolls, bagels and more, fresh from the oven. We also picked up a bag of amazing seasoned “croutons” that double as a crunchy snack. (They didn’t even make it home). The best part? They’re always sampling delicious items and test runs of various breads and treats, including the croutons.

After a wonderful conversation with owner Nancy Cain, we left the store with bags full of goodies and a true appreciation for her commitment to quality.  Next time you’re passing though Brattleboro, you must stop at Against the Grain. The kids will love the painted facade, and you’ll love what’s inside. They make being gluten free fun!

Against The Grain Gourmet


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