Gluten-Free Watchdog: they’ve got our backs

Did you know that the Food and Drug Administration does not require manufacturers to test their gluten-free foods for gluten contamination?  Cross-contamination can happen in multiple places along a product’s path to you including the fields, manufacturing plant, transportation, packaging and more.

In 2013 Tricia Thompson, MS, RD set out to help educate consumers about possible cross-contamination via “state-of-the-art gluten-free food testing.”  She began independently testing foods for gluten, making her findings available to the public, and Gluten-Free Watchdog was born. She now regularly tests and reports back on foods that are labeled gluten free and those that are inherently gluten free, including nuts, beverages, tofu and more.

Consumers can subscribe to receive updates with the most recent food tests, and browse their huge list of already-tested items. From tortillas to matzoh, medications and supplements, the list is huge, ever-growing, and most of all, accurate.

Tricia Thompson states, “If I am aware that a labeled gluten-free product contains more than the amount of gluten allowed under the Food and Drug Administration’s rule for labeling food gluten-free, I have an ethical responsibility to disclose this information to interested parties (e.g., subscribers).” 

So head on over to Gluten-Free Watchdog and get the real scoop, uncontaminated.

Gluten-Free Watchdog

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