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Abby Helman Kelly

I moved to Connecticut as a newlywed in 1999.  Twelve years and four kids later, in a desperate attempt to combat severe eczema without steroids, I grudgingly avoided gluten for 2 weeks. It worked. My skin began to clear, I felt much less bloated, but I was devastated. An avid baker and purveyor of fine desserts, a lifetime without wheat felt more like a life sentence. Ever hear the saying, “Life is short, eat lemon sorbet first?”  Regardless, my skin was continuing to improve and I felt so much better. I’ve always loved a challenge, and at that point, I knew that I had to take on this one.

I figured I wasn’t alone, and when the little ones finally started school, I decided to take my commitment to a healthy gluten-free lifestyle one step further, and created Gluten-Free Connecticut. It instantly took off.  Two years later, in August 2018, I expanded into the rest of New England with a completely rebuilt website, which is where you are reading this now!

As a gluten-free resident of New England, I am proud to be a part of the community I serve.  My favorite Gluten-Free New England offering is free outreach activities for families with celiac kids. With a master’s degree in Counseling and a background in non-profit, helping others comes naturally to me, and is the backbone of my mission.

It’s my hope that this site helps to connect gluten-free folks with the region’s ever-growing array of gluten-friendly restaurants, bakeries and businesses that are working so hard to accommodate them. I also aim to provide a safe place for our community to contribute and share ideas, restaurants, recipes, events, and suggestions.

So, if you know of a place where you can safely eat the bread that’s brought to the table, please let me know. I answer all emails and I absolutely want to hear from you. After all, we’re in this together!

Yours in gluten-free dining,