Bare Life’s Vegan Coconut Hot Cocoa Mix

Are you gluten free and also sensitive to dairy? Listen up, because we’ve found your favorite hot cocoa. Bare Life Coconut Hot Cocoa Mix is free from gluten, dairy, GMO’s and refined sugar, as well as vegan, paleo and kosher. It’s got only 5 ingredients (includes coconut but no peanuts or other tree nuts), and it’s legit delicious. You can even use it in recipes!  Aside from the incredible taste, we’re tickled by the fact that Bare Life is a Connecticut start-up, and you know how we love local. They’re just beginning to roll the hot cocoa into stores, so head to their website and have it delivered right to your door, just in time for the October chill.  When you order it, tell them that we sent you, because this is not a sponsored post, and we want them to know just how much we love them.(gluten free sugar free vegan hot cocoa mix)

p.s. the marshmallows in the photo below contain sugar and were added in later. Maybe Bare Life will read this and start making all-natural ones?)

Bare Life


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