Fastfood sandwich shops offering gluten-free rolls are very few and far between. After all, we didn’t transition to gluten free because it was convenient. At the Blimpie Sandwich Shop in Southington, you can not only get your sandwich on a GF roll, but it’s completely celiac friendly as well. One of the owners was diagnosed with celiac disease about 5 years ago, and now offers Udi’s rolls for any sandwich. Each roll is individually packaged,and they prepare your sandwich in the back, away from all the other foods. They also use separate toppings, and will even open up new packages, if you prefer.  The owners work in the shop full-time, along with a very small and gluten-savvy staff.

Even if you don’t live near, work in, or ever drive through Southington, this place is worth a little lunch time jaunt. Ordering a sandwich was never so much fun!

*Blimpie Southington is not a dedicated gluten-free facility, but they go to great lengths to ensure that your meal is safe. Always use your best judgement when dining outside your own home. We’re just trying to make it easier and a lot more fun!

Blimpie Southington

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