Boo! Here’s Your Safe Halloween Candy List!

It’s that time of year again, and there are more kids than
ever trick or treating with some sort of food sensitivity or allergy. If you’re handing out candy, here are our suggestions to make it a safe and delicious Halloween for all.

Get a teal pumpkin – plastic pumpkins come in all sorts of colors these days, but if it’s teal, it’s special. Started nearly 20 years ago by a mom and member of an allergy-awareness group in Tennessee, teal is the color of food allergy awareness across the country. (Enjoy Life packaging – case in point!) A teal pumpkin on your porch designates your house as one offering allergy-free treats.

Store the allergy-free candy separately – even the smallest bit of cross-contamination can cause a reaction in some people, so keep your allergy-free candy separate from the Snickers. It’s super easy, and appreciated by all.


Provide non-candy treats – this tip is beneficial to more than the allergic crowd. Head over to Oriental Trading or Amazon and purchase adorable little toys in bulk. With the cost of candy these days, you might actually save money while also preventing cavities.

photo: Princess Pinky Girl


Click here for the Celiac Kids Connection of Boston Children’s Hospital for their list of safe candy!

Celiac Kids Connection is the region’s premier center of support and activities for celiac kids and teens. Based out of Boston Children’s Hospital, we’re thrilled that they’ll be joining us at our Greater Boston Expo on 10/27/19 at Boston Marriott Burlington – click here for tickets!

*Neither Gluten-Free New England nor Celiac Kids Connection can 100% guarantee the safety of any candy. Always use your own judgement. 



Safe Halloween Candy List


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