Cafe Xpresso – Great Gluten Free in Newtown!

Cafe Xpresso in Newtown is exactly what you’d want a cafe to be – cute, bright, and full of GF and vegan options. They offer a fun coffee and smoothie menu, complete with Arethusa Farm milk, along with soy and almond milk options. You can get any breakfast or lunch sandwich on their house-made gluten-free bread or inside a gluten-free wrap, with vegan options. They also have soups, salads, and a daily grain bowl. Need a treat or a snack? Try one of their gluten-free granola bars – they’ve always got them, and they’re a local favorite. Or, have a slice of their gluten-free lemon blueberry bread, which sells out super quick.  They also make a rotating selection of gluten-free cookies. On the weekends they cook up all sorts of Liege waffles, which aren’t gluten free, but might keep your dining companions coming back with you, after you get addicted to this place!

*Cafe Xpresso, like many in our directory, is not a dedicated gluten-free facility. As always, ask lots of questions and make your own decision about cross contamination.  We’re just trying to make it easier and more delicious!

Cafe Xpresso

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