Chelmsford Diner: Order up!

Hidden in a strip mall in Chelmsford, MA is a cute little diner quietly serving up a BIG gluten-free menu.  But you won’t find a GF label anywhere on it – just a little note explaining that nearly the entire menu can be made gluten free. This means that you can order pretty much anything, from benedicts to burgers – all you hafta to do is ask. The best part? The owner has a relative with celiac disease, so their food prep protocols are excellent.

Our server was super friendly, well versed in celiac disease, and assured us that we were in safe hands. And we believed her! But the food wasn’t just safe – it was excellent. We ordered the waffle with fruit and HAD to try the hot quinoa with fruit topping, and both were fantastic. The menu also includes lunch sandwiches soups, salads, omelets, scramblers, french toast, breakfast sandwiches and more.

Chelmsford Diner is a small place with typical diner charm, from table and bar seating to friendly staff and an authentic neighborhood vibe. We knew no one, but even the other diners chatted with us, and we felt like family.  They’re open for breakfast and lunch only, so the next time you’re in the mood for delicious and safe comfort food, this is it!

Chelmsford Diner
7 Summer St.
Chelmsford, MA


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