North Conway’s Gluten-Free Gem on Wheels

We just love discovering local celiac safe food trucks, so when we learned about Kimberly’s Gluten-Free Kitchen, we HAD to shout it from the rooftops!

gluten-free food truck in NH

Based in North Conway, New Hampshire, owner Kimberly Harvey began cooking gluten-free meals for her husband over 10 years ago. Friends and family insisted that none of it “tasted gluten free” and encouraged her to open a business. In 2018, after careful thought and planning, Kimberly opened the ‘Kimberly’s Gluten-Free Kitchen’ food truck.

gluten-free food truck in NH

The menu consists of street tacos and tater tots. Taco options include pork, chicken and veggie, each made with Kimberly’s own special ingredients and seasonings, including chipotle crema and tahini garlic sauce. The tater tots (which are vegan), can be ordered simply as is with dipping sauce or with any of the chicken, pork or vegetable toppings. They offer kids meals as well. Are you sold yet?

For dessert, there are a number of rotating baked goods available, all made in the same dedicated gluten-free kitchen.

To find out where Kimberly will be and when, check out her website below. She caters informal events and parties too. The truck doesn’t run during the winter, but if we all pitched in for snow tires think she’d reconsider?  😉

Kimberly’s Gluten-Free Kitchen
(603) 662-7740

Click here to learn about our expos and events! 
Gluten-Free Food Truck in NH

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