Woodhull Public House: Yarmouth’s Gluten-Free Gem

If you’re looking for celiac-safe restaurants in Maine, Woodhull Public House should definitely be on the list. Located in Yarmouth, this place is worth the drive, whether it’s on your itinerary or not. Here’s why…..

celiac safe restaurant maine
Photo: Woodhull Public House

The whole menu is gluten free – yes, all of it. And we’re not talking just salads and proteins. Their quirky Mexican/Asian/American menu and dedicated fryer make a meal here just plain fun.  Appetizers include Mexican corn fritters, Korean fried chicken, Vietnamese spring rolls, wings and more. Entrees range from tacos (all kinds of ’em) to veggie fried rice, baja bowls, and even our favorite, Pho Ga (Vietnamese soup with rice noodles, chicken and veggies). Did we mention that they fry their own tortilla chips as well?

celiac safe restaurant maine
Photo: Woodhull Public House

Woodhull also has an outdoor patio, a kids menu, and sometimes even live music. And, keep an eye on the taco of the week, because it’s always a fun one!

*Always alert your server of any additional food sensitivities, and go early, because they don’t take reservations.

Woodhull Public House
30 Forest Falls Dr.
Yarmouth, ME  04096
(207) 847-0584


Celiac safe restaurants in Maine
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