Celiac-Safe Sprinkles!

Sprinkles may seem like a small detail to others, but to us they’re super important. In fact, we’re asked so often about them that we decided to make a list of celiac-safe ones! Most are not cheap, but fortunately one of them can be found right in your local grocery store. Please note that these sprinkles are for baking or ice cream at home. Always ask about ingredients in the sprinkles at your favorite ice cream shop. 

*Gluten-Free New England is not an affiliate and does not receive payment for promoting any of these brands


It doesn’t get much fancier than Sweetapolita’s website. The sprinkle options are seemingly endless, with an entire section devoted to GF, vegan, vegetarian & kosher sprinkles. And, you can purchase any size container from one little jar on up to a 50 lb box. You know, for those bigger projects. Check the website to see where they’re sold near you, or order them online.

Sweets & Treats

Sweets and Treats is another option for safe, gluten-free sprinkles. The range of options is smaller than Sweetapolita, but the prices are lower. Sizes range from a 4oz. bag to a 25lb box, and they’re only available online. They’ll even help you figure out how many sprinkles you’ll need!

Cake Mate

Wanna just pick up some cake decorating stuff at the store? Cake Mate products are made in a dedicated gluten-free facility and can be found at many groceries throughout the region. Their frostings and other products are safe as well. Check out their website for all the celiac-safe details!





Color Kitchen

Color Kitchen makes food coloring and sprinkles that are plant based, free from artificial coloring, and dedicated gluten free. They even make “water color” sets for cookies and cakes! You can purchase them online or find them in smaller health food stores and co-ops. Check their website for details.

Chef’s Select

Chef’s Select is certified gluten free and kosher. They’re not cheap and they do contain soy, but they’re available on Amazon, and these days that’s a bonus. (Gluten-Free New England is not an affiliate and does not receive any endorsements for this and the other products on this list)

Check out these links for do-it-yourself baking kits that have everything included!

Pastry Base

Fun For All Foods



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