The Common Bond

We paid a little visit to The Common Bond Market in Shelton yesterday, and we use the word “paid’ literally. We couldn’t help ourselves. We wished we were on Supermarket Sweep, and run around the place clearing shelves into our cart. This little market carries all the items that you probably buy now, plus gobs of amazing packaged and prepared foods that you didn’t even know existed.  They have a refrigerated case full of gluten-free and vegan meals, as well as a hot food area with gluten-free and vegan soups, as well as other vegetarian and vegan items.  There are desserts from Dee’s One Smart Cookie and other packaged treats, including some made in-store. Much of their inventory is local, and we REALLY love local!  They also have a full deli, making sandwiches on gluten-free bread. Add in herbs and supplements, and a beautiful gluten-free grocery department, and it just may be worth moving to Shelton. Once you visit this place, you’ll understand.  If you don’t live near Shelton, but you do live near Hamden, you can visit their sister store, Thyme and Season.  Wherever you live, this place is worth a visit. And bring a cooler.

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