Covid-19 and Celiac Disease: Are You at Higher Risk?

Research has proven that celiac disease sufferers are at a higher risk for developing shingles, flu complications, and pneumonia. But does it also put you at a higher risk for Covid-19 complications?  The answer is still unknown, but worldwide research has begun, and you can help.

COVID-19 and celiac disease

Gastroenterologists at Columbia University and Odense University Hospital in Denmark have created an international registry (Secure-Celiac Registry) to monitor outcomes of COVID-19 occurring in patients with celiac disease. They are specifically collecting information on age, comorbidities, and treatments to determine the impact on outcomes. The Secure-Celiac Registry is for health care providers only, and collects both adult and pediatric data – all anonymously.

If you or someone you know is celiac and and has or had COVID-19, please encourage your physician or theirs to submit outcome details to the Secure-Celiac RegistryIt’s voluntary, it only takes 5 minutes, and could help to improve the health and lives of celiac disease sufferers around the world.

Stay home and stay safe, friends – we’ll come out even better on the other side of this! 


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