Craving Gluten-Free in Beverly!

By Jennifer Fitzpatrick


When I first heard of a new cafe that made outstanding gluten-free sandwiches and cupcakes, I was a bit skeptical.  I had often visited places that advertised gluten-free items, only to be disappointed. I’d usually find large amounts of cross-contamination or astronomical prices, just because the food was gluten free.  After six years of living on the North Shore, I had yet to find my go-to breakfast place.

Last year I discovered Crave Cafe & Bakery in Beverly, MA, and my life has never been the same! Brothers Ron and Kengluten-free restaurants in Beverly Feldman, the owners of Crave, wanted to create a cafe that everyone could enjoy.  After speaking with Ron about how much I loved it, he mentioned that his mom has had celiac disease for over fifteen years, and it was always a challenge for her to eat anywhere.  As a celiac, I could absolutely relate.

Ron and Ken have created a wonderful breakfast, brunch and lunch spot where gluten-free eaters can eat great food, safely.  Their staff is well-versed in cross-contamination and the only gluten-containing items in the entire cafe are their croissants and quiches!  Everything else is gluten free and just waiting to be sampled.

My favorite item is the North Shore sandwich (hint: ask for it on their GF homemade herb cheese gluten-free brunch in beverlybread!).  It comes with eggs, maple candied bacon, and cheddar, and it’ll knock your socks off.  I usually order this with a hibiscus tea as well.  There are plenty of other sandwich choices, some including a homemade pepper jelly – also worth a try!

Crave’s bakery offers lots of amazing gluten-free treats, including scones, macarons, and of course, cupcakes. Their cupcakes are so delicious that my non-celiac husband requested them for his birthday. With eclectic flavors like salted s’mores, maple bacon, and fruity pebbles along with classics like carrot cake, pumpkin spice, and even lemon raspberry, every single one is delicious. They taste almost too good to be true! And, new flavors are introduced each season.

Crave’s prices are reasonable, their staff is friendly, and it’s a place where you’ll feel welcome. So whether you live in the area or are just passing through, it’s definitely worth a stop. Maybe it’ll become your go-to breakfast spot, too!

Crave Cafe & Bakery
297 Rantoul St.
Beverly, MA 01915


Jen Fitzpatrick is a gluten free travel blogger based in Salem, MA. Follow her adventures on Facebook, Instagram @jefinner589, and read more about her celiac travels on her website,


Gluten-free Brunch in Beverly

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