Eat Naturall Pancake and Waffle Mix

When Eat Naturall came on as a Silver Sponsor for our upcoming expo, we were absolutely delighted, because pancakes are our weakness. But, gluten free or not, they’re far from nature’s perfect food…until now. Made in a dedicated gluten-free facility in Newington, this pancake and waffle mix has honestly become one of our go-to low carb meals.  And, as true food-allergen fanatics, we’re as intrigued by the ingredients that are not in Eat Naturall, as those that are. Here’s what’s not in it:

So what is in it? Almond flour and pea protein are the first two ingredients, along with organic flax seed meal (hello, Omega-3 and Omega-6), organic coconut flour, organic coconut palm sugar, and a few other whole ingredients including egg whites, aluminum-free baking soda, and cream of tartar. It’s paleo-friendly and there are three varieties – Original, Blueberry, and Banana nut, or you can make your own variation that includes chocolate and peanut butter, like we do. Our favorite thing about Eat Naturall is that we don’t have to eat 20 pancakes to feel full. They’re wicked high in protein and fiber, and since they’re grain free with only 16 total grams of carbs per serving, you’ll avoid the blood sugar spike that’s common with so many traditional gluten-free pancakes and foods these days. And, if you happen to have a Type 1 diabetic in your family as we do, this mix is a double winner. Check out Eat Naturall’s website to order or to find out where you can buy it so that you, too can turn your pancake weakness into a strength!

*Eat Naturall is a sponsor for our upcoming Spring gluten-free expo happening on 4/22/18 at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford.


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