EHSTO – Everyone Has Something To Offer

Robin Van Riper, founder and owner of EHSTO, makes gluten-free AND grain-free artisan pasta, pizza crusts, tortillas, and more.  Using less than 50% tapioca flour for each recipe, she carefully prepares and packages each product in a 100% dedicated gluten-free kitchen in Westport. By adding in almond flour, eggs, and bean flours, her products offer a depth and consistency like we’ve never seen or tasted in gluten free before, with no bean taste. The pasta is firm and delicious, the tortillas are soft and flexible, and the pizza crust is chewy! Robin’s goal is to help those who are gluten free to eat healthy and deliciously, no rice required. And, as far as we’re concerned, she has succeeded.  EHSTO stands for Everyone Has Something To Offer, and we’re so grateful for what Robin offers!


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