Evviva Trattoria – Mangia Gluten Free!

Evviva Trattoria wants to be your go-to for gluten-free Italian. With two locations in Marlborough and Westford and more in the works, they’re already one of our personal favorites.  They follow strict kitchen protocols for preparing gluten-free meals and pride themselves on their expansive and interesting gluten-free menu. They offer an excellent chicken parmesan that can also be served as a sandwich, and Nonna’s gluten-free meatballs make a really fun appetizer. There are also sandwiches, risottos, pastas, pizza, and more. Our favorite was the gluten-free focaccia that’s served with olive oil before the meal. Just being able to eat the bread on the table is pretty special, but that focaccia made us downright giddy!

Evviva Trattoria is owned by the same restaurant group that owns 110 Grill, so you can be confident that your meal will be safe AND delicious. Now if we could only convince them to open a few in each New England state…..

Evviva Trattoria
142 Apex Dr. 
Marlborough, MA 01752
(774) 843-2599

7 Cornerstone Square
Westford, MA 01886
(978) 692-9050

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