Flatbread Pizza Company

By Samantha Levine of Gluten-Free Reality. Check her out on Instagram and Facebook!


Anytime I’m asked about where the best place for gluten-free pizza is in Providence, I always give the same answer: Flatbread Pizza Company. Lucky for us New Englanders, they have 13 locations between Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, & Connecticut.

If you’re looking for a place with fresh, local ingredients, this is surely the place for you. From meats to veggies, cheeses, and non-dairy cheese, Flatbread is always featuring local ingredients on their menu. Each week, they create two pizza specials, one “Veggie” and one “Carne”. They also feature a different salad special each week to accompany your pizza. On their chalkboards, they always share which local farms are represented that week, in addition to those already mentioned in their regular menu.

The menu at Flatbread Pizza Company is perfectly simple – salad, pizza, and dessert. All of the ingredients in their organic house salad are gluten free, including their homemade ginger-tamari vinaigrette. They can make any of their pizzas gluten free as well on their delicious crust. made by Peace of Mind Baking Coin North Conway, New Hampshire. When ordering, the staff will often rave about how they think their gluten-free crust is even better than their traditional non-gluten free crust. Two of my personal favorites are the Punctuated Equilibrium and the Jimmy’s Free-Range Chicken (pictured below). For dessert, they offer a gluten-free brownie sundae, using brownies from New Hampshire-based Gluten Free Territory.

Aside from their fresh, delicious food, the next best thing about Flatbread’s is how knowledgeable and celiac-friendly they are. They are very well trained with cross-contamination – all gluten free pizzas are cooked in separate aluminum pans. They also make sure to use separate utensils and pizza cutters.

From the moment that you first enter the parking lot, the smell of the wood-fired oven fills the air. As it states on their website, “The Flatbread Company has been introducing people to the magic of earth and fire, and how that combination can produce incredible tasting pizza.”

Flatbread Pizza Co.

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