Gasp-Free Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping in New England!

Contributed by Alicia Caldwell @glutenfreewithkids


I don’t know about you, but now that school is starting up again it means less eating out and more home cooking. Once back-to-school activities start up our calendar looks like John Nash’s office in “A Beautiful Mind.”  Our crazy schedule leaves no time for eating out, so easy food shopping is a huge timesaver. Unfortunately, not all grocery stores are created equal when it comes to gluten-free products and foods. I’ve put together a list of some of my favorites for shopping gluten free in New England!

Wegman’s – We don’t have a Wegman’s in Rhode Island, but I’ll tell you what – if there’s one store worth traveling to Massachusetts for, it’s Wegman’s. Their gluten-free aisle (yes, a whole aisle! Not just a designated shelf) is amazing and always has brands and products I can’t find anywhere else!

Trader Joe’s – Once (if) you can find a parking space at a Trader Joe’s, their gluten-free selection is always top notch! Prices are great and they’re always leading the charge with providing gluten free options – especially in the form of cauliflower. Cauliflower pizza, cauliflower gnocchi, cauliflower rice – I’m sure there are others, but isn’t that enough?! Also, their website has a convenient list of gluten-free products.


Whole Foods – Ever since Amazon took over Whole Foods the prices have been a lot more reasonable, without having the quality or selection take a hit. Since Whole Foods caters to a pickier (re: trendier) clientele than myself they always have really cool products and are often the first to stock an up-and-coming brand!


  1. Aldi – Now we’re back in my price range! I’ve noticed Aldi is often hit-or-miss with their selection but they do carry an entirely gluten-free brand with their Live G-Free products that is always displayed prominently. Also during Celiac Awareness month in May they come out with a ton of products that you can only get that month. Like the General Tsao’s chicken in the freezer section. You can betcha I’ll be loading up on that again once May rolls around.


Market Basket – I had never been to a Market Basket until about 8 months ago and now you have to pull me out kicking and screaming. They have almost everything. And all their gluten-free stock is clearly labeled on the regular shelves. Just remember to always read the ingredients on the box though! I’ve found a couple things mismarked on the shelves before, the tags for which they quickly and apologetically removed after I flagged down an employee to let them know.

Ocean State Job Lot has plenty of locations in all New England states. They also carry plenty of gluten-free products, from cookies to crackers to pasta. And, if you hit it right, you’ll find some interesting items made in Italy and other countries. They also carry Bob’s Red Mill flours at quite a discount. Definitely worth an occasional visit!




You may or may not be a WalMart fan, but they are definitely upping their gluten-free game. Just a quick google for anything gluten free brings up a flurry of their ads, and we’ve noticed quite a few of our vendors’ products popping up on their shelves.



Local Mom and Pops – Our small grocery store in town, Clement’s is my favorite to shop in Rhode Island. I’m always astounded at how they are able to stock so many gluten-free brands despite not being a huge chain. I’ve also been told that if there’s anything that I want to let them know and they can order it. I mean, it doesn’t get better than that!!





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