Aldi’s Celebrates Celiac Awareness Month!

Aldi’s is doing it again. Every year, they celebrate Celiac Awareness Month by introducing all kinds of new gluten-free products. This year is no different, despite the quarantine.

If you’re not familiar with Aldi’s, it’s a grocery store chain that carries only their own brands, at a significant discount. The shopping experience is similar to Costco or BJ’s, with boxes and crates of product, but on a smaller scale, minus the bulk purchase requirement and free samples.  Shopping carts must be “rented” for a quarter, which you get back after returning the cart, and they’ve never offered grocery bags.

gluten-free at aldi's

Aldi’s gluten-free brand is called LiveGFree, and is super popular for it’s price, variety, safety, and quality.  The range of products is huge, from chicken nuggets and pie crusts to cookies, pasta, wraps, rice crisps, cereal, pretzels and more. New items dropped this month include chocolate covered donuts, glazed donuts, empanadas, lasagna roll-ups, and a cheesecake sampler.

gluten-free at aldi's

Supply and variety do vary across locations, and some new items have not yet reached all stores. If you’re looking for something in particular, call before you go to avoid the current risk of an unneeded trip. But, once world is healthy again(and it WILL be healthy again!), go browse the aisles, take notes, and be prepared to make some impulse purchases.

Thank you, Aldi’s for making our lives easier and so delicious. Happy Celiac Awareness Month to all, and stay safe! gluten-free at aldi's

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