Gluten Free at Red Robin: To Eat or Not To Eat?

Red Robin has quite a large gluten-free menu, along with an easy-to-use chart detailing items that are vegan and free from dairy, egg, nuts, and soy. Nearly the entire menu can be ordered gluten free, with various swaps and adjustments.

Red Robin is not a dedicated gluten-free facility, but they do have proper procedures and protocol in place. As always, use your own judgement when eating out.  See Red Robin’s protocols, a list of their gluten-free options, and link to their official allergen menu below.

We ordered takeout on 5/26/20, and here’s how it went.

Takeout orders for Red Robin must be placed over the phone. The wait was short, so we ordered on our way to pick it up. We ordered burgers and fries, and the person taking our order asked if this was an allergy or a preference (check). We ordered both gluten-free and traditional menu items (including french fries, sweet potato fries, and chips from the gluten-free fryer), and then inquired
about the new zucchini fries. We were told confidently that gluten free at red robinthey are not gluten free (check).  The food came out within 5 minutes of our arrival at the restaurant, and the woman who delivered it to us was wearing a mask (check). She handed us two bags, noting which one was the “allergen” bag (check plus smiley face). We enjoyed our meal and still feel great!

gluten free at red robin              gluten free at red robin

Here’s how Red Robin does it…

Staff Training

All team members are trained using the Red Robin Allergen Program Standard procedures. They’re tested 4 times per year, and managers visually inspect the allergen kits twice per day.

Kitchen protocol

The kitchen uses a designated purple allergen kit and utensils to prepare your order. A purple pick will identify your allergen-free meal when it’s brought to the table, after which the kit and utensils are washed and sanitized for the next allergen customer.

Friesgluten free at red robin

Every Red Robin location has a dedicated gluten-free fryer for fries, sweet potato fries, tortilla chips, and Yukon chips (ruffled potato chips). These fryers are also free from the top 8 allergens.


(includes Gourmet burgers, Finest Burgers, Taverns, chicken & turkey burgers)

Red Robin offers burgers with gluten-free buns or generously wrapped in lettuce. Nearly every burger on the menu can be prepared gluten free, with gluten free at red robinclearly identified adjustments and substitutions. So go ahead and order the Master Cheeseburger or the Pig Out Tavern – they can easily accommodate.  All burger options are clearly detailed on the allergen menu.


Salads are always easy to make gluten free, and it’s no different at Red Robin. They’re also clearly labeled on the allergen menu.

Vegan & Vegetarian Options

Red Robin offers vegan and /vegetarian burgers, noted right on the menu!


Ensenada Chicken Platter – it’s GF!

Red Robin seasoning

You know that Red Robin seasoning that’s always on the table? It’s officially gluten free, so shake it on.

Gluten-Free Sides
  • Clam Chowder
  • Red’s Chili Chili
  • Carrots (Kids)
  • Apples (Kids)
  • Coleslaw
  • Steamed broccoli (Kids)
  • Side salad
  • Mandarin oranges in juice (Kids)
Gluten-Free Kids Meals

Red’s Cheeseburger – beef
Red’s Cheeseburger – turkey
Red’s Cheeseburger – chicken
Red’s Cheeseburger – veggie
Grilled Chicken Dip’ns

Gluten-Free Sauces

Bistro Sauce
Buzz Sauce
Island Heat Sauce
Chipotle Aioli
Red’s Secret Tavern Sauce
Roasted Garlic Aioli
Smoke and pepper ketchup
Sweet and Spice Ketchup
Tartar Sauce
House made salsa


Most beverages are inherently gluten free, but Red Robin gets our kudos for offering fun sugar free options (lemonade!) as well. As parents of a teen with Type 1 Diabetes, we always appreciate it.

Click here for Red Robin’s Allergen and Diet information chart

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