Camping? Make sure you’re Good-to-Go!

If you like to hike and camp, then you may be familiar with dehydrated meals. They’re pouches of pre-made dried food that, when hot water is added, miraculously turn into delicious meals. But did you know that Good To Go, one of the tastiest brands of dehydrated meals, is all gluten free and headquartered in Kittery, Maine?

Co-founder and head Chef Jennifer Scism spent many years as a professional chef in the New York restaurant scene, even competing on an episode of Top Chef. After 10 years as owner of a top-rated restaurant, she moved to Maine and ultimately decided to combine her culinary skills with her love of outdoor adventuring.

You can now find Good To Go products in retailers across the country and Canada. From breakfast foods like granola and oatmeal to Pad Thai, pasta, chicken gumbo, Mexican quinoa bowls and more, every single meal is gluten free and low sodium. They offer vegetarian and vegan options as well, and use no preservatives.

We gave Good To Go a call recently to ask them about their food prep protocols. We learned that they use no gluten ingredients and their kitchen is gluten free. However, some of the ingredients they use are co-packed with gluten-containing items.  We feel pretty comfortable with it, but ultimately folks do need to use their own judgement.

So if you’re headed out to hike or camp this summer, you can’t go wrong by tossing in a few delicious dehydrated meals. Heck, keep some in the kitchen cabinet for those days that you REALLY don’t feel like cooking. Gluten free has never been so easy!

Good To Go
484 US Rte. 1
Kittery, ME  03904


(Gluten Free Camping Food)

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