Gluten-Free Columbian Cuisine on Boston’s South Shore

You don’t have to go far to find authentic, delicious gluten-free Columbian cuisine in Massachusetts. If you’re lucky enough to live on the South Shore, you’ll find it at  Donde Thiago.

Ivan Arias was born in Columbia and attended culinary school in Argentina. He, along with his American-born wife Molly Drane, launched Donde Thiago in Kingston, Massachusetts in 2014. Their mission is to promote cultural understanding through good, simple, food. And, the entire menu is gluten free.

Empanadas Photo: Donde Thiago


On any given weekend, you can find Ivan and Molly selling stuffed arepas and empanadas with their homemade sauces at farmers markets and events throughout the region. Arepas are corn-based flatbreads sliced open and stuffed full with everything from pork to chicken to vegetables & beans.  Empanadas are savory Latin-style turnovers that can be baked or fried.

Arepa Kit Photo: Donde Thiago


Here’s how to get the best Columbian gluten-free cuisine on the South Shore!

  • If you want your arepas or empanadas hot and ready to eat, follow Donde Thiago’s social media to find upcoming markets and events where they’ll be serving it all up hot and made to order.
  • If you want to pick up frozen or refrigerated arepa kits, complete with fillings, or frozen empanadas, place a special order for pickup at their kitchen in Kingston, or at designated retail outlets (check their social media for these outlets)
  • Head to any of Donde Thiago’s participating retail outlets and grab whatever arepa kits and empanadas are available that day.
  • Throw a party and have Donde Thiago cater
  • Throw an expo and have Donde Thiago set up and sell lunch – we’re doing this one! 
Stuffed arepa Photo: Donde Thiago


Ivan and Molly prep their foods in a shared commissary, which is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each use. 100% of their ingredients are gluten free, and they use their own dedicated fryers and grill for serving customers. We are so excited that they’ll be serving lunch at our Boston South Shore Gluten-Free Expo on 5/7/22 at Starland Sportsplex and Fun Park in Hanover, MA!

Donde Thiago
Kingston, MA

Click here for the Donde Thiago website!
Click here for their FB page

Click here to learn about our May 7th, 2022 gluten-free expo! 

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