Gluten-Free Dining Guide For Burlington VT 2022

Gluten-Free Restaurants in burlington VT 2021

*Most of the eateries on this list are not dedicated gluten-free facilities, but they do go to great lengths to avoid cross-contamination. As usual, always use your own judgement when eating out.

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American Flatbread
115 St. Paul St.
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 861-2999

American Flatbread bakes their flatbread pizza in a wood-fired oven. They use gluten-free crusts from West Meadow Bakery, and can prepare your order separately, and they offer vegan cheese as well.

Asiana Noodle Shop
88 Church St.
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 862-8828

Asiana Noodle Shop covers the whole range of Asian cuisine, from curry to ramen to sushi, and they are super careful in the kitchen. Be sure to notify your order-taker of your dietary needs.

Bistro & Margot
126 College St.
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 863-5200

If you’re craving a little French sophistication, head to Bistro & Margot where they offer a daily Pre Fixe menu. (You can order items separately, if you wish.) The menu is always changing, but potential allergens are clearly listed for every menu item.

Click here for the Bistro & Margot website

Bliss Bee
1185 Shelburne Rd.
So. Burlington, VT  05403
(802) 540-3090

30 Hawthorne St.
Williston, VT  05495
(802) 540-0094

Bliss Bee uses dedicated gluten-free fryers for fried chicken, fried chicken sandwiches, fried chicken salads, and of course, french fries (sweet potato too!). They also offer burgers, veggie burgers, smoothies and other fun stuff. Not a dedicated gluten-free facility, but super safe. Note: the fried chicken batter is dairy free as well.

Citizen Cider
316 Pine St.
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 448-3278

Citizen Cider takes cider up a notch. Their cider varieties are innovative and delicious, and they always offer safe, GF menu options. Burgers can be served on GF rolls along with salads, hummus plates, GF pasta, and a  dedicated fryer for fries and poutine. They take cross-contamination very seriously – this place is a must-eat!

El Cortijo
189 Bank St.
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 497-1668

5 E. Allen St.
Winooski, VT 05404
(802) 540-0052

If you’re hankering for Mexican food in Burlington, El Cortijo is the place. They don’t have a separate GF menu, but nearly the entire menu is inherently gluten free, and they have a dedicated fryer. So you can eat the chips, too! El Cortijo is a true celiac favorite of locals and travelers alike.

Dobra Tea
80 Church St.
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 951-2424

Dobra Tea is just what it sounds like, and then some. They’ve got every tea you could possibly want from nearly every part of the world, in addition to lots of GF and vegan snack and meal options. Gluten-free cookies, cakes, and desserts are on the menu, along with hummus plates, baba ganouje, dolmas, nuts and more. They’re not dedicated GF, but they are very careful in the kitchen and an awesome place for tea!

Eco Bean and Greens
150 Dorset St.
South Burlington,  05403
(802) 497-0510
*Dedicated Gluten Free

Eco Bean and Greens’ mission is to provide the cleanest, highest quality foods and drinks to its customers. Everything is organic and free from soy & gluten, and they make their own oat and coconut milks. The menu includes salads, bowls, soups & stews. vegan treats, smoothies and more. Definitely stop in for at least a snack – we need more places like this!

The Farmhouse Tap and Grill
160 Bank St.
Burlington, VT
(802) 859-0888

The only problem you might have at the Farmhouse is getting a table. They’re super attentive to food allergies, they offer plenty of GF, vegetarian, and vegan options, and it’s consistently excellent. From burgers to cast iron quinoa cakes, you’re all set here.

Five Guys
580 Shelburne Rd.
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 862-7575

Just in case you didn’t already know, all Five Guys use dedicated fryers, and their french fries are AWESOME. The don’t have GF rolls, but they’re happy to change gloves and put your burger in a lettuce wrap.  Your #1 spot for a quick, safe, and fun meal.

The Friendly Toast
86 St. Paul St.
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 495-5491

The Friendly Toast, which has several locations throughout the region, serves their full menu all day. This means breakfast anytime, which we LOVE. But there are plenty of lunch and dinner options as well, The menu is chock full of GF & vegan options, and they will prepare your order separately on request. Not dedicated GF.

El Gato Cantina
169 Church St.
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 540-3095

4 Park St.
Essex Junction, VT 05452

El Gato serves up a wide-ranging menu of Mexican fare, with plenty of gluten-free and vegan options. They make their chips in a dedicated fryer, and can use corn tortillas in any dish. Plenty of rice, beans, salads and other options, including a kids menu.

Hen of the Wood 
55 Cherry St.
Burlington, VT
(802) 540-0534

92 Stowe St.
Waterbury, VT
(802) 244-7300

Hen of the Wood is just a bit more upscale than other Burlington eateries. But GF options abound. They source as close to the restaurant as possible, so the menu rotates daily. Options at this writing included oysters, braised lamb, duck breast, wood-fire roasted broccoli, roasted celery root, and more.

Jules on the Green
1 Commonwealth Ave.
Essex Junction, VT 05452
(802) 857-5994

Whatever your food allergy or sensitivity is, the folks at Jules on the Green can accommodate it. They’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and they pride themselves on offering safe options for all. From pancakes and crepes at breakfast, to soups, sandwiches, burgers, pasta and more at lunch and dinner, Jules is one of our favorite spots in VT.

Myer’s Bagels
377 Pine St.
Burlington, VT
(802) 863-5013

There aren’t many places in New England making authentic, celiac-safe bagels, and Myer’s is one of them. They prepare, boil, and bake their GF bagels completely separately, using a dedicated boiler and oven. They’re a popular spot, so call ahead if you can!

Penny Cluse
169 Cherry St.
Burlington, VT 05402
(802) 651-8834

Penny Cluse has been successfully catering to celiac and allergic customers for many years, and they’re still a local fave. From buckwheat pancakes to soups, sandwiches, and even family dinners to-go, there’s good reason to wait for a table at this spot.

Pingala Cafe

1 Mill St. 
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 540-0110
1353 North Ave. 
Burlington, VT 05408
(802) 999 3558

Pingala is 100% vegan with plenty of gluten-free options. From burgers to bowls, salads, and even breakfast sandwiches and a kids menu (vegan grilled cheese on GF!)  Be sure to save room for a smoothie!

Click here for the Pingala website. 

Pizzeria Verita
156 Saint Paul St.
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 489-5644

Welp, it doesn’t get safer than this when it comes to  “regular” restaurants. Pizzeria Verita makes their gluten-free pizzas safely, separately, in a dedicated oven. Definitely our #1 choice for grabbing a pizza without worry!

Red Panda Restaurant
161 Church St.
Burlington, VT 05401

Red Panda serves Nepali, Indian, and Indo-Chinese cuisine. Much of the menu is inherently gluten free, with dishes very clearly marked.

Shy Guy Gelato
457 St. Paul St.
Burlington, VT 05401
(802) 355-2320

This isn’t your regular run-of-the-mill gelato. Shy Guy makes the most unique flavors and combinations we’ve ever seen, and it’s all so authentically delicious. He’s got a store on St. Paul St., as well as a cart that can be rented for events. Not a dedicated GF facility – always ask about GF flavors.

The Skinny Pancake
60 Lake St.
Burlington, VT  05401
(802) 540-0188

The Skinny Pancake is like an old friend – they’re always there for ya. They make crepes of all kinds, from sweet to savory, and offer a GF option for most. They can make your order separately, too. Breakfast served all day.

West Meadow Farm Bakery
4 Carmichael St.
Essex Junction, VT 05452

West Meadow Farm Bakery is the only dedicated gluten-free bakery in Greater Burlington. It’s a short jaunt from town, and required stop if you’re ever in the area. And it’s so worth it. Breads, cakes, pies, breakfast pastries, cookies, pizza crust, bagels, cupcakes, and even wedding cakes. Call before you go if you’re looking for something in particular, and tell them we sent you!

Outside Burlington

Against The Grain Gourmet
22 Browne Ct.
Brattleboro, VT 05301

Down south in Brattleboro, you’ll find the Against The Grain Factory and store. Not only can you purchase all sorts of perfect and imperfect goodies there, but they often have free samples (COVID may have changed this), cookbooks and more. You can even see directly into the factory to watch those amazing pizza crusts and rolls being made.

Red Leaf Brewery
105 S. Rt. 108, Old Main St.
Jeffersonville, VT 05464

It’s not in Burlington, but Jefferson, VT is the proud home of Dedicated GF Red Leaf Brewery. Stop in for a sample, and pick some up for later. Tell ’em we sent you!


Gluten-Free Restaurants in Burlington VT 2021

Palmer Land Maple
9 Old Pump Rd. 
Jericho, VT 05465

What’s a trip to Vermont without maple syrup? About 25 minutes east of Burlington is Palmer Land Maple, serving “the best maple products around,” according to their website. Once you’ve had a maple creemee on a GF cone, it’s official; you’ve visited Vermont. Be sure to request that the server wash hands first and/or take precautions.
Click here for the Palmer Lane website!


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