Gluten-Free Ethiopian Cuisine – Our Top Picks!

Gluten-Free Ethiopian in New England and New York

Ever tried Ethiopian cuisine? If not, you should, because it’s nearly 100% gluten free. The flavor profile is a combo of earthy, spicy, tart, sour, and pungent flavors, and the base seasoning, called Berbere, is made with chile peppers, fenugreek, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and coriander. Meals are social affairs, with foods served on a shared Injera, a tangy bread made from Teff, a GF grain native to Ethiopia. Diners tear pieces of Injera, scooping up flavorful stews and spicy meats.

Here are our top picks for Ethiopian Cuisine in New England and New York

Rhode Island
New Hampshire

Didn’t see any NH options for our Gluten-free Ethiopian in New England and NY list! Did we miss one? Let us know! 

New York

Makina Cafe Long Island City
Bunna Cafe Brooklyn 100% vegan
Haile East Village
Awash Upper West Side & East Village
Benyam Harlem
Massawa Upper West Side
Ras Plant Based Brooklyn
Meskerem Lower Manhattan
Queen of Sheba Midtown
Tsion Cafe Upper Manhattan
Ghemet Brooklyn

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Gluten-free Ethiopian restaurants in New England and New York

Gluten Free Ethiopian New England and NY

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