Say Pao de Queijo – Boston’s Brazilian Cheese bread Truck!

We just love a good (and safe) food truck, so we’re thrilled that Say Pao de Queijo arrived on the Boston scene last year. If you’re not familiar with Brazilian cheese bread, we’re happy to explain. It’s made from cassava flour (tapioca or manioc), eggs, cow’s milk and cheese, and baked into rolls that are crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. You don’t even miss the gluten!

The menu at Say Pao rotates, but it’s always 100% gluten free. Their regular sandwich and slider options include Caprese (mozzarella and tomato), Brazilian pork, and brisket. They also offer breakfast sandwiches and desserts – pao de queijo dipped in Nutella, anyone?

gluten-free food truck boston


So, if you can handle some dairy and eggs, we recommend checking out the Say Pao de Queijo website to see where they’ll be next. Or hire them to cater your next party. If you can’t manage to find them down before next April, we’re gonna do our best to have Say Pao at our second annual Greater Boston Expo on 4/26/20 in Marlboro, MA. (But if you do find them, enjoy, and tell them we sent you!)

Say Pao de Queijo

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Gluten-Free Food Truck Boston
Gluten-Free Food Truck Boston