Gluten-Free Love for XO on Elm

XO on Elm offers our favorite kind of gluten-free dining in Manchester, NH.  Passionate owners, an eclectic menu, fresh ingredients, and commitment to safe food prep practices.

Co-owner Rosa Paolini hails from Italy, while the head chef is from Venezuela, with culinary training in Spain. This makes for a really interesting menu, full of international offerings, most of which are gluten free, with many vegan options.

gluten-free dining in manchester NH
Image: XO on Elm


Below is a sampling of current gluten-free offerings at XO on Elm

  • Venezuelan Yuka sticks with avocado dipping sauce
  • Ceviche
  • Housemade empanadas
  • Hummus with yuca sticks
  • Calamari
  • Burgers
  • Rice bowls
  • Spanish Paella (vegan option)
  • Risotto (vegan option)
  • Chocolate lava cake
  • Vegan chocolate tart
gluten-free dining in manchester nh
Image: XO on Elm

The kitchen maintains a dedicated gluten-free fryer, and uses no preservatives, additives, or unnatural colorings. They source locally whenever possible, and never cut corners, even if it costs more.

The dining room at XO on Elm is sleek and sophisticated, with a beautiful bar and plenty of wine and cocktails. They also offer a function room for up to 100 people.

gluten-free dining in manchester nh
Image: XO on Elm

Rosa is passionate about nutrition and healthy living, and very proud of her enthusiastic and loyal customers, of which there are many. According to her, “They know food and they know they’ll never get a bad meal.”


XO on Elm
827 Elm St.
Manchester, NH 03101
(603) 560-7998

Click here to learn about Gluten-Free New England’s expos and events! 

gluten-free dining in manchester nh
Image: XO on Elm
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