Ted’s Montana Grill: Gluten-Free on the Range

If you’re a meat eater, listen up because we’re talking about gluten-free options at Ted’s Montana Grill, home of bison and beef.

Ted’s Montana Grill is a national chain of restaurants founded by Ted Turner and George W. McKerrow. With locations in Westborough, MA, Hartford, CT, and South Windsor, CT, the restaurants are fashioned after 19th century saloons, with a menu heavy on meat, particularly bison**. They offer chicken, beef, and vegetarian options as well, but the veggie burger is NOT gluten free. (Learn more about bison meat below.)

gluten free at teds montana grill

Ted’s offers a separate gluten-free menu and a dedicated gluten-free fryer. There are plenty of safe options including homemade potato chips, grilled shrimp, salads, and entrees like salmon, steak & turkey. But it’s the burgers that are king. Most are available on a gluten-free bun, with your choice of beef, bison, or grilled chicken.  Burgers range from the basic “Naked,” on up to the “1977 America’s Cup,” with American cheese, grilled onion, mushrooms, and fried egg. There are also a slew of safe sides, including french fries, of course. Gluten-free desserts include ice cream, shakes, and floats, which are always fun.

Ted’s Montana Grill is not dedicated gluten free, but they prepare gluten-free orders separately, and follow safe kitchen protocols. Just be sure to inform your server of your dietary needs before ordering. Kudos to Ted’s for including a current gluten-free menu on their website – much appreciated!

*Gluten-Free New England cannot guarantee the safety of any restaurant, so always use your own judgement when eating out.

**Bison meat (also called buffalo) is lower in fat and calories, and higher in protein than beef. It’s also higher in B vitamins (critical for boosting energy, memory and mood). And, as bison spend more of their lives grazing in pasture, it’s a more earth-friendly choice. They’re also more feisty than cows, and thus more difficult to contain, resulting in less mistreatment and disease. They drink less water, can withstand extreme weather, and even forage for their own food when necessary. Because bison meat is lower in fat, it’s drier than beef, so it must be prepared carefully. It’s also significantly more expensive.



Ted’s Montana Grill Locations


35 Front St.
Hartford, CT 06103
(860) 692-1167

500 Evergreen Way
Suite 500
South Windsor, CT 06074


400 Union St.
Suite A104
Westborough, MA 01581
(508) 366-5050

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