Harry's Pizza Bishop's Corner

Harry’s Pizza in Bishop’s Corner makes pizza that everyone can eat. They have a separate prep area, they use separate pans, toppings, and utensils, and they even use a dedicated GF oven. The owner and his wife recently purchased Still Riding Foods, a Connecticut-based manufacturer of delicious GF pizza crusts, so you know their pizza is gonna be both safe and good. They even have dairy-free cheese available!  On the day we visited, the kitchen was cranking out pizzas as fast as they could for both the dining room and take-out. We ordered a GF pizza with mushrooms, broccoli, spinach, and peppers, and it was fantastic. Crispy crust, generous toppings, and seasoned perfectly. Did you know that they also make their own sorbet? We tasted the lemon and the grapefruit, and both were excellent. Harry’s is consistently selected as one of the best pizzas in the Hartford area, so get your pizza-loving buddies together and go give them a try. You’ll all be satisfied.

Harry’s Pizza Bishop’s Corner

Can’t get to West Hartford? Try Colony Pizza in Fairfield, Engine No.6 in Norwich, or Lisa’s Luna Pizza in Avon – they cater to celiacs as well. But remember – we cannot guarantee that any restaurant is 100% safe. Ask lots of questions, and remember that there is always a small leap of faith involved when eating outside your own kitchen. We’re just trying to make it easier!

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