Honey-Yogurt Pound Cake with Raspberries

We’re so happy to welcome Mollie Drury aboard! Mollie, based in Boston, takes traditional recipes and shows us how to easily make them gluten free, like this Honey-Yogurt Pound Cake with Raspberries, originated by Alison Roman.

Follow Mollie’s cooking and baking adventures on her website, Gluten-Free Mollie D., on Instagram @glutenfreemollied, and on Facebook at @glutenfreemollied. 

While I love a great, decadent chocolate cake or super-sweet sundae here and there, I definitely appreciate these desserts that are less focused on sugar, and more focused on incredible flavor and seasonal ingredients.

My general consensus is that slightly-less-sweet desserts are welcome far more often than those which take a different, more sugary approach. There’s a time and place for all sorts of sweets, but in my opinion, a little less sweet is the sweetest. 😉



Photo credit: Mollie Drury
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