J.P. Licks: Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Deliciously!

Looking for vegan ice cream in Boston? Try J.P. Licks. With 16 locations spanning the greater metropolitan area, there’s nearly one on every corner. Vince Petryk, owner and founder, opened the first J.P. Licks in 1981 in Jamaica Plain. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Known for their unique vibe and flavors, J.P. Licks always has dairy-free and vegan flavors on hand, made with various non-dairy substitutes, including coconut and oat milk (clearly labeled on the menu board).  Dairy flavors run the gamut from vanilla to peanut butter ripple, and there’s always sorbet available as well. They even make dairy-free milkshakes! J.P. Licks also carries both gluten-free cake and sugar cones, and are happy to open a new container of ice cream at your request. They’ll sanitize the ice cream scoop and even roll your cone in clean sprinkles – just ask!

Vegan ice cream in Boston

On the day we visited, we had mint chocolate chip ice cream made with oat milk (photo above) – YUM. Too cold for ice cream? They roast their own coffee beans now, and offer pretty much any coffee bar drink you could ask for.

Call before you go, as ice cream flavors may rotate at different locations, and remember – J.P. Licks is not a dedicated gluten-free facility. Always use your own judgement when eating out. We’re just trying to make it a whole lot more fun! Follow the link below to see all 16 locations, and check out their Facebook page for the latest flavors!

J.P. Licks


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Vegan Ice Cream in Boston


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