Lisa's Luna Pizza

Lisa Maurer, the owner of Lisa’s Luna Pizza in Simsbury, is gluten free. So when you eat at her Luna, you’re gonna get food that’s safe and delicious.  Although the facility is not dedicated gluten free, they use a separate prep area, separate utensils, and bake everything on separate pans. They use Still Riding pizza crust, one of our favorites, and they have GF grinder rolls, which are the biggest and most delicious we’ve had to date. And, if you’re sticking with the complex carbs, they offer loaded potatoes as well, with anything you want stuffed in ’em. Very fun, and really delicious.  For your gluten-eating companions, Luna serves the best New York style pizza in the valley. We know, because we used to eat it!

So whether you live in the area or not, this is one of those places that you might want to put on your list. It’s definitely staying on ours.

*Lisa’s Luna Pizza is not a dedicated gluten-free facility, but they go to great lengths to ensure that your meal is safe. Always use our own judgement when eating out, and ask lots of questions. Gluten-Free Connecticut cannot guarantee the safety of any establishment…we’re just trying to make it easier and more delicious!

Lisa’s Luna Pizza

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