Nature's Grocer

Imagine all of your gluten-free needs under one roof:

This is exactly what we found at Nature’s Grocer in Vernon.  Started in 2007 as a second career for its previous owners, David and Kelly Boudreaux bought the place two years ago and are keeping the gluten-free magic alive. On the day we visited, there were folks from all walks of life stopping in for lunch and groceries. We saw moms shopping with toddlers, business associates meeting over a meal, and college students drinking smoothies. We ordered, paid and sat down. Before long, we were digging into our vegetarian panini made on a gluten-free baguette with Daiya cheese. It was everything we wanted it to be. There are lots of other sandwich choices, including turkey, curry chicken salad and tuna, along with vegan and vegetarian options. On Fridays they serve pizza and calzones. Yup, all gluten free.

If you have a Nature’s Grocer near you, we’re not so sure that you’d need anything else, other than a lot of exercise and willpower. They’re considering expanding into other locations in Connecticut, and we can’t wait!

Nature’s Grocer

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