New England’s Own Gluten-Free Spatzle!

Ever tried Spatzle? We had never heard of it before, but when we learned that there was a gluten-free variety being made in New England, we knew we had to try it. And we’re so glad we did. Spatzle is a cross between a dumpling and a pasta noodle traditionally made with wheat flour and eggs. Marty Irion, co-founder of The Vermont Spatzle Company, was born in Germany and grew up eating the traditional version.  Years later, after getting married and moving Vermont, he and his wife Julz switched to a gluten-free diet. Julz worked for years to perfect her gluten-free Spatzle recipe, and when she finally did, they knew it was too good not to share.

They built a brand new dedicated gluten-free kitchen in Arlington, VT and began producing the only gluten free Spatzle in the world. You can purchase it online, at various retail outlets in the region, and we’re hoping at both of our 2019 expos! Check their website for details and enjoy!

Vermont Spatzle Company

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