New Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Ice Cream Novelties!

Casper Ice Cream, parent company of Jolly Llama and FatBoy ice cream novelty brands, has introduced certified gluten-free and dairy-free options to their lineups. Are they safe for YOU? Read on to find out.

FatBoy Ice Cream is now making ‘Junior Gluten-Free Ice Cream Sandwiches,’ using cookies made from rice flour and pea fiber. The ice cream does contain dairy. They’re also offering a pre-filled gluten-free ice cream cone (think Nutty Buddy) that’s lined in chocolate, filled with ice cream, and drizzled with even more chocolate. This one contains dairy as well.

Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Ice Cream Novelties

Jolly Llama is now making a gluten-free and dairy-free ice cream sandwich, which uses the same rice flour and pea protein wafers, along with coconut milk-based ice cream. They come in vanilla and mint chocolate chip. They are also now offering a gluten-free and dairy-free pre-filled ice cream cone that’s lined with chocolate and filled with non-dairy coconut milk-based ice cream. They come in vanilla and caramel flavors and they’re kosher as well.

*All of the above products are made in shared facilities that process dairy, peanut, tree nut, wheat and egg ingredients. Jolly Llama’s products are theoretically vegan, as they contain no animal products, but they are not labeled as such, likely due to the shared equipment.

If you’re not celiac or highly sensitive to gluten and other allergens, these are a total home run. We don’t know of anyone who has fallen ill or had any negative reaction after consuming these products, but if you are celiac or highly sensitive, use your own judgement. And, even if you don’t feel comfortable eating them, it’s sure nice to see items like this arriving in the marketplace!

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