Nilli Vanilli: If It tastes like milk and cookies, drink it!

How could a 100% gluten-free and vegan liqueur be so creamy and taste like cookies? We don’t know and we’re not so sure that we care, either.  BomBom Brands’ Nilli Vanilli is a combination of Caribbean rum, almond milk and natural cookie flavors, and such an exciting option for us GF/DF folks!    We tossed ours into the blender with ice and added some fun chocolate and sprinkles around the rim – total party in a glass. And, we can’t wait to try Fully Baked, their newest product that’s made with hemp seed milk and tastes like brownies – can you stand it? And they’re based right in Connecticut!

So whether you’ve been gluten and dairy free for years, or have just made it your New Year’s resolution, you can safely add Nilli Vanilli and Fully Baked to your “yes” list.  But go get some for now, just to make sure it works.

BomBom Brands

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