Our Contributors

Alicia Caldwell 
Alicia left a fast-paced public relations career in California to return to Rhode Island where she works as freelance copywriter and full-time mom, living with her husband and two kids on idyllic Aquidneck Island. After her daughter’s and husband’s celiac disease diagnoses, she implemented an entirely gluten-free household. Her family’s sense of humor and adventurous dietary outlook have made the transition easy. Follow her on Instagram at @glutenfreewithkids.

Melissa Cole
Melissa is a meteorologist for WFSB Channel 3 in Connecticut. She is also gluten free, loves to cook, and is always on the hunt for the best GF products and recipes! Follow Melissa on Instagram and Facebook! 

Mollie B. Drury
Mollie is a Boston-based writer and photographer and is the voice behind the gluten free cooking website www.GlutenFreeMollieD.com.
Since receiving a diagnosis of celiac disease over five years ago, she has been documenting her dinners (and homemade desserts) in an effort to educate and share just how easy – and delicious – living gluten free can be. Follow Mollie on Instagram @glutenfreemollied. 
Abby Helman Kelly
Abby is a married mom of four, a CT resident, and the owner of Gluten-Free New England. She’s passionate about healthy GF living and helping others, making this endeavor a perfect fit. Abby has a BS in Communications from Boston University and a MS in Counseling from Loyola University/MD. She is also a monthly contributor for CTWorking Moms.

Marie Ericson

Based in Canton, MA, Marie has three kids, including one with celiac disease. After 10 years as an immigration attorney, she is now following her passion for writing and cooking, and sharing it all on her website and social media.  Marie also writes the recipe column and sits on the editorial board of  Boston Children’s Hospital’s Celiac Kids Connection quarterly newsletter. Visit her website, Mamma’s Cooking, and follow her on Instagram @mammascooking. 
Samantha Levine
Samantha is a Rhode Island-based blogger who travels throughout New England photographing and sampling the best gluten-free bites, from vegan ice cream to fried seafood.  Her Instagram account, Gluten-Free Reality, has a large and ever-growing following.
Liz Rueven
Liz, a writer based in Fairfield County, CT is the passion and brains behind the Kosher Like Me.  She defines her readers as “not all kosher, not all vegetarian, not one type. We are mostly a community of flexitarians who want to eat thoughtfully prepared, properly grown and ethically sourced, delicious food.”  Follow Liz on Instagram and Facebook. 

Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed., C.H.C. is a certified health coach and educator with a passion for helping kids and families thrive. She is the author of the book Aidan the Wonder Kid Who Could Not be Stopped: A Food Allergy and Intolerance Story. When not chasing her own wonder kids around, Colleen enjoys writing, speaking, and school visits as she spreads the message that when we eat just right for our bodies, that is when our super powers are at their best! www.colleenbrunetti.com