Plan B – Our Favorite Gluten-Free Go-To

Plan B Burger Bar, with 6 locations in the state, is one of our favorite burger places, and here’s why. Earlier this year, they made every single one of their fryers at every location dedicated gluten free. In the process, ALL of their fries, tater tots, chicken tenders, and onion rings became gluten free as well. Yes, tater tots and onion rings. They also offer a really nice, big gluten-free burger bun that doesn’t fall apart when you bite into it. They have a flourless chocolate cake for dessert, if you have room, and they carry gluten-free beer options. Most importantly, they can accommodate celiac customers. In fact, we’ve never met a server who didn’t inquire about our gluten sensitivity while ordering.  When we visited recently on a very busy Saturday, our food was delivered promptly with all gluten-free requests perfectly executed. Add in the fun dish of pickles on the table and a delicious house made veggie burger, and Plan B sits comfortably on our list of all-time favorites!

*Plan B Burger Bars are not dedicated gluten-free facilities. Always ask lots of questions and use your own judgement when eating out. We’re just trying to make it a little easier and a whole lot more fun!

Plan B West Hartford

Plan B Glastonbury

Plan B Fairfield

Plan B Milford

Plan B Stamford

Plan B Simsbury

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