Pure Alchemy Cafe and Juice Bar

If you ever wanted to open up a healthy, gluten-free and vegan cafe and juice bar, you’d want it to be Pure Alchemy in Wallingford. We had heard so much about this place, but it wasn’t until we stepped inside that we finally understood what all the fuss was about.

The menu is full of amazing vegan and vegan/GF options, including rice bowls, gluten-free wraps, salads, nut-burgers, kelp noodle dishes and more. For breakfast they offer items such as gluten-free bagels, quinoa and berries, and raw granola, and for snacks they have fun stuff like black bean salsa and chips, avocado mash, and sunflower herb pate. We opted for the falafel salad, which was absolutely incredible. We’ve never not missed gluten or dairy more. Picking a dessert was so exciting – the entire case was GF and vegan, so no explanations were needed. We chose a slice of GF/vegan peanut butter pie and a pumpkin pie cup, and pretended to be taking them home for the family.

Pure Alchemy also has a full juice and smoothie bar, including tonics and elixirs. Housed in a historic building, the dining room is clean and cute, but big enough to find a little corner to sit for a while. There’s outside seating too, when the weather permits. You can also browse through displays of skincare and crafts from local artisans.

They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner on most days – check their menu for exact times. Also note that they are 100% gluten-free and celiac-friendly, as the only exception is a regular wrap option for some menu items. They are also 100% free of dairy and refined sugar, but do use raw honey as an ingredient in some items. No eatery is perfect, and we love so many places for so many different reasons, but this one is darn near close!

Pure Alchemy Juice Bar 

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