Still Delicious – they're not kidding!

When we walked into Still Delicious Gluten-Free Bakery in Westbrook, the first thing we noticed was everything. With the entire kitchen visible behind a glass partition, we watched owner Mark Israel busily preparing the batter for gluten-free banana bread. He and his wife Caren opened Still Delicious back in the spring of this year, and business has been great. They make bagels, cookies, breads, muffins, mini paleo loaves, and so much more, including their famous chocolate chip cookie lava cake. What’s a chocolate chip cookie lava cake?  Oh, it’s just a chocolate chip cookie resting atop its own personal chocolate lava cake. You can eat ’em right out of the bag or heat them up and let the lava flow. They even make a giant one that feeds four, but you know you’re not gonna share. We particularly liked Mark’s chocolate chip cookies that look, feel, crunch, and and taste just like the “real” thing. They come in bags of 5, and are usually available at the counter. They freeze beautifully, so you can buy them in bulk if you want. Not that we did, of course. There’s a cute little dining room for enjoying your treats, and the place is 100% dedicated gluten free. They also make paleo and dairy-free items. Call for today’s options, or to place a special order.

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