The Chicken and Rice Guys: These guys get gluten free

The Chicken and Rice Guys are way more than a food truck. They’re five food trucks, 4 brick and mortar locations, and a busy catering business. And they sure do know how to do gluten free.

Founded 7 years ago by 4 guys who left corporate life to bring amazing halal chicken and rice to the world, they’ve quickly become one of the most popular food trucks in Greater Boston. And it’s easy to see why. The menu is brilliantly simple and most of it’s inherently gluten free already.  On a base of rice or lettuce you can add GF chicken or organic, seasoned tofu and top it with hummus, veggies, and one of their house-made special sauces. (Pita bread is optional, not gluten free, and easily left off. There are other non-GF proteins as well).

The Chicken and Rice Guys follow careful protocol for gluten-free customers and the staff is well-trained. They scrub the grills daily and always cook their naturally GF seasoned chicken first, before the other proteins. Their rice is gluten free and the tofu is prepared in a separate, safe location and stored in its own heated container .  All sauces are gluten free including their most popular one – creamy white garlic.  And, at your request, they’ll gladly use fresh gloves to prepare your meal. Dairy-free options are readily available.

Although not dedicated gluten free, The Chicken and Rice Guys are a food truck favorite in the Greater Boston area with a loyal celiac following. So the next time you see one of their big yellow trucks, go have a chat with them and enjoy an excellent meal. We love these guy for the story behind their food, the simplicity of the menu, their dedication to the gluten-free community. Onward!

GF food truck Boston

The Chicken and Rice Guys

6 Salem St.
Medford, MA 02115

85 Bedford St.
Boston, MA 02111

280 Washington St.
Boston, MA 02108

273 Yale St.
Houston, TX 77008


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GF Food Truck Boston

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