The Skinny Pancake

If you live in Vermont, you’ve probably at least heard of The Skinny Pancake. With 7 locations throughout the state including one just over the border in New Hampshire, they’ve kinda cornered the market for sweet and savory crepes. The best part is that they can sub in buckwheat flour for gluten-free crepes, and even offer a chickpea flour option to or vegan diners.  The manager at the Hanover, NH location reported that although they don’t have separate griddles, they routinely clean them for celiac diners.  They are also currently determining the affordability of bringing in dedicated gluten-free fryers.

We ordered the “Strawberry Shortcrepe” and the “Apple Crunchy” crepes and had no problem making them both disappear, fast. They also offer gluten-free rolls for their amazing-looking burgers and paninis, as well as plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. There’s even a flourless chocolate cake for dessert, if you can even see past the sweet crepes.

With the funky atmosphere, full bar, and hip vibe, we felt almost cool again. Almost.


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*The Skinny Pancake is not a dedicated gluten-free facility. Always use your own judgement when eating out. 



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