There’s a new bread in town….Promise!

There’s a new gluten-free bread in town, and it’s way different from all the rest. This one, made by Promise Gluten Free, is baked safely right in the grocery store. Yes – the grocery store and yes, safely!

The bread is rosemary and olive oil sourdough, and each loaf is individually wrapped in an oven-safe bag.  Stores bake the loaves in the bags, cool them, and then stock them on the shelves. By baking the bread in-store, it’s not only crazy-fresh, but also develops a delicious, chewy crust, which we all miss so dearly. And, it remains free of cross-contamination. But wait’ll you taste it.

Promise will be introducing an entire line of breads and cakes to Shaws Supermarkets in the fall. This includes a white bread which is also vegan, a multi-grain bread, brioche bread and buns, and two Gluten Free Crusty Breadkinds of cakes. All of the breads are dairy free, high fiber, and low in sugar, and some are soy free as well. The best part? Promise Gluten Free is also a Platinum Sponsor for our Greater Boston Expo on 10/27/19 at the Marriott in Burlington, MA. They’ll be baking their bread right at the booth, where you’ll be able to sample and chat with their representatives.

Promise is changing the world of gluten-free bread – come to our Greater Boston expo and taste the difference!

Click here for more event details and ticket purchase info!

Gluten Free Crusty Bread





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