Top 10 Allergen Free in Worcester

Food sensitivities and allergies are definitely on the rise.  Much of our Gluten-Free New England audience is already both gluten and dairy free, but many are also sensitive to other foods and ingredients like, soy, eggs, nuts and more. Fortunately, there are brands and businesses working to accommodate this growing population, including Massachusetts resident Jennifer LaSala.

top 10 allergen free in worcester
Jennifer LaSala


Jennifer is the founder and owner of Jennifer Lee’s Allergen-Free Shoppe, with locations in Boston and Worcester.

At age 20, she was named the Goldman Sachs Global Entrepreneur of the Year in recognition of her first bakery, which was not gluten free. Shortly after, she experienced a very serious accident at work, resulting in a broken neck. During her recovery she was misdiagnosed with a gluten and dairy allergy, and that’s when her world changed. After realizing just how difficult it was to find safe foods that also tasted good, she completely changed the focus of her business to gluten-free & vegan, opening her first location in a temporary spot at the Boston Public Market in 2016. She eventually became a permanent vendor.

top 10 allergen free in worcester

Just last month, Jennifer opened her second location in the brand-new Worcester Public Market, and has now made both locations “top 10 allergen free,” which means no gluten/wheat, eggs, dairy, soy, nuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish, coconut and sesame.

Jennifer Lee’s Allergen-Free Shoppe in Worcester, MA


On any given day at either location you can find a rotating selection of cupcakes, cookies brownies, muffins and more, along with incredible savory prepared foods including nachos and mac and cheese. Yes – all GF and vegan.

Jennifer also takes special orders for anything from birthday cakes to mac and cheese, and facilitates cookie and cake decorating classes. She works pretty much around the clock, continually inspired by a steady stream grateful of customers from all over the region. She notes that just recently and little boy at the shop whispered to his blueberry muffin, “You make me so happy.”  And that makes us happy, too!

Offerings rotate at both locations – check Facebook and/or Instagram or call before you go. p.s. The Cookie Monster Brownies and Chocolate Chip Cookie Cannoli are our faves!

Jennifer Lee’s Allergen-Friendly and Vegan Bakery
100 Hanover St.
Boston, MA 02108
(978) 414-5180

Worcester Public Market
Kelley Square
Worcester, MA


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