Trader Joe’s: Our Top GF Picks!

Check out our favorite Trader Joe’s picks!  Note that some items may not always be in stock. 

Ketchup flavored spud crunchies. Interesting.

Risoni is a grain-shaped pasta. This one contains only red lentil flour and chickpea flour.

Scalloped potato chips with three cheeses. Seems like a convenient way to eat a decadent dish!

We’ve been waiting for this one! Vanilla non-dairy dessert!

Almond flour chocolate chip cookie mix!

Have you tried Trader Joe’s Rice Crumbs? According to the label, they contain rice flour, salt, and rice bran. Definitely worth a try.

 The first ingredient is corn, but we get it – they have to appeal to the masses. Still fun and crunchy!

Falafel? GF, vegan, and kosher parve. Yum.

These are admittedly one of our all-time favorites, and we don’t know why. You hafta taste them to understand.

This is by far our favorite GF pancake mix ever. But it does contain dairy, so be forewarned.

\It’s pie-making season. And Trader Joe’s has us covered. We’re sold.

Love these pancakes for a Sunday morning when you don’t feel like cleaning the kitchen. They’re really good!

These bagels are so so good – definitely lean to the sweet side, but wow. They are dairy free as well.

These cookies taste suspiciously like Tate’s GF chocolate chip cookies. We’re not complaining.

Always a new and fun pizza crust at TJ’s.

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