Twist of Taste – Straight Up Gluten Free

If you’re any kind of gluten free and you live anywhere within, say, 500 miles of Monroe, we’ve found your place. Sam Baytar, the owner, moved his terrific deli/catering/gourmet-to-go business to this larger space less than a year ago.  He now has 2 kitchens, one 100% dedicated gluten free, as well as 2 ventilation systems, preventing any possible airborne cross-contamination.  Sam works with local celiac customers, gastroenterologists, dietitians, and other health professionals, assembling meal plans and providing food prep education and services for any food allergy or sensitivity.  He has a background in nutrition, and spent many years in corporate catering, creating both traditional and gluten-free meals. And, on top of it all, he’s an incredibly talented chef. At the store you’ll find a refrigerated, dedicated gluten-free food case filled with a beautiful rotating array of salads and proteins. On the day we visited, there was orzo salad, chipotle lime quinoa, quinoa kale salad, kimchi, tuna and chicken salad, grilled chicken with mixed vegetables, breaded chicken cutlets, and more. There is also a hot food bar, which had rice, steamed vegetables, gluten-free chicken sliders, and more. Prefer a deli sandwich? They can put that on gluten-free bread.  And, if you think you’ll have enough room for dessert, there is a terrific display of packaged brownies, chocolate covered macaroons and more that’ll have you swooning. So, if you need a celiac-safe spot for a quick meal, an easy dinner, or for catering an affair, you have found it. Don’t forget to tell Sam that we sent you. Your gluten-free tastebuds never had it so good.

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