Valicenti Pasta Farm: Handmade Gluten-Free Pasta in New Hampshire

If you live in or around Hollis, New Hampshire and you haven’t yet tried the gluten-free pasta from Valicenti’s Pasta Farm, then you’re doing it all wrong. That’s just a joke, but here’s why.

Valicenti’s Pasta Farm is a 10 acre farm owned and operated by David Valicenti, a classically trained chef.  After years in the kitchens of high profile restaurants, he returned to New Hampshire and started making pasta sauces using tomatoes from the farm.  In 2008 he began making pasta, and the rest is history. The staff is small, the pasta is handmade, and the ingredients are authentic. This means no preservatives or hormones fresh gluten free pastaand nothing artificial or synthetic. He sources most ingredients right from his organic farm, producing and packaging pastas in a commercial kitchen inside a barn right on the property. But wait – there’s more.

Valicenti makes his gluten-free pasta in a separate room inside the fresh gluten free pastabarn using dedicated equipment. Gluten-free pasta options rotate regularly, but he’s always got ravioli or some sort of fun pasta available at the many farmers markets he visits.  They can also be found in stores throughout the region, from NY to ME. Check their website for details.

We thank Valicenti Pasta Farm for their commitment to bringing healthy, locally sourced artisan pastas to the region, and for ensuring that folks with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity don’t have to miss out on this amazing farm-to-pasta experience.

Valicenti Pasta Farm will be at our Greater Boston Expo on 10/27/19 with plenty of pasta for purchase. Get tickets here! 

Valicenti’s Pasta Farm

(Fresh Gluten Free Pasta)

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