Wang Palace – Connecticut's Gluten-Free Royalty

Walking into Wang Palace in Glastonbury was exciting. We had heard about their celiac-friendly options, and we were really hoping for a pretty little place with comfortable seating and great food. Well, we got it. They don’t have a separate gluten-free menu, but it doesn’t matter. All you have to do is ask, because they can make nearly everything gluten free, and safely. We knew we had to try their steamed gluten-free dumplings, so we ordered two sets – one shrimp and one vegetarian. They arrived hot, stuffed full, and with a delicious dipping sauce. We felt like we were eating real Chinese food – how novel! We also ordered the Chicken Chow Fun lunch special, a dish made with wide rice noodles. It came with really good egg drop soup, but gluten-free chicken and rice soup is available as well. It was all excellent, and we’re not just saying that. If you’ve been avoiding Chinese food, here’s your chance to come back, as Wang Palace takes great care to ensure that your food is safe from cross-contamination. They are a local celiac favorite, although we know lots of folks who drive clear across the state to eat there. They also regularly host dinners for the Connecticut chapter of the Gluten Intolerance Group. We may not be the first to discover Wang Palace, but we sure are happy to share them with you!

*Wang Palace is not a dedicated gluten-free facility, but they go to great lengths to prevent cross contamination. As always, we cannot offer a 100% safety guarantee, so always take care and ask lots of questions when eating out.

Wang Palace

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