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Gluten Free Connecticut LogoWelcome to Gluten-Free Connecticut, the state’s most comprehensive and up-to-date resource for healthy gluten-free living! Whether you or someone you love is celiac or gluten-sensitive, navigating through the gluten-free world can be daunting. That’s why we’re here!


The Largest Searchable Gluten-Free Directory in Connecticut

If you’re hungry for it, we have it. Just head to our homepage to find our gluten-free dining directory, with nearly 1,000 Connecticut listings. Place your cursor over  “Browse Categories” on the navigation bar to see all of our cuisine choices. Or, type in a town and the kind of food you’re looking for, and our detailed search feature will find it for you.  Need dedicated gluten-free facilities for the most sensitive celiac? We have that. Bakeries with gluten-free goodies? Got tons of ’em. Feel like a diner for lunch or a need a caterer for your next party? They’re in there too, along with dozens more categories.  If you’ve got a favorite place that you don’t see in our directory, it would be our pleasure to include it. Just send it to abby@wickedglutenfree.com, and we’ll add it in!

Gluten-Free Restaurant Reviews

If you scroll down, below our directory, you’ll find an entire blog section, inlcluding Restaurant Reviews,  We travel through the state visiting bakeries, restaurants and businesses to sample foods, take photographs, and chat with the owners. We bring home all sorts of delicious treats, stories, photos, and hidden gems that we craft into fun write-ups, which we post in this section, and promote to our thousands of followers on Facebook.

Gluten-Free Recipes

We’ve partnered with local and national bloggers, bakers and chefs to bring you the best gluten-free recipes around. From cultural specialties to easy and healthy meals, this always-growing section of our site offers the best that Connecticut and the country has to offer.

Gluten-Free Events

Did you know that we’re planning gluten-free events in your community? From our Gluten-Free Expo happening in Bristol on 10/14/17, to our regular pop-up markets & tastings, we’re bringing the best of gluten-free Connecticut to YOU! We also include other gluten-free happenings around the state.

Personal Stories and Community Support

We are thrilled to offer a platform for our gluten-free neighbors to share their personal stories. Read about how some adults discovered they were celiac, and how other families deal with having a celiac child. We have also developed outreach programs to offer support and connections for families dealing with celiac children.

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Here’s to the great state of delicious food in
Gluten-Free Connecticut!

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