Whole Foods’ “Gluten-Free Bakehouse” is Closing

Have you ever had a cake, cupcake, muffin or other gluten-free goodie made by Whole Foods’ Gluten-Free Bakehouse? You can find them in the frozen section, and they’re actually quite good. If you’ve never tried them get in quick, because effective March 8th,  the “Gluten-Free Bakehouse” is officially closing.

Based in Morrisville, NC, Whole Foods opened the bakehouse in 2004, after an employee pointed out the need for a separate and safe baking facility. They soon became one of only a few dedicated gluten-free grocery store bakeries in the country. But, the number of businesses producing gluten-free baked goods has exploded since then, reducing Whole Foods’ reliance on the bakehouse. About 102 employees will be laid off, but the Amazon-owned market chain says they’re working to keep them employed elsewhere in the company.

While we’re sad to hear of any business closing and jobs lost, we understand the need to streamline operations, and look forward to an even wider selection of gluten-free baked goods in the freezers at Whole Foods! 

gluten-free whole foods

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